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August 13th-16th 2023

It's time to change Burke County!!

BurkeChangers in the News Herald

BurkeChangers in the News Herald

Jason Koon Staff Writer
More than 180 teenagers and adult volunteers from more than 15 churches around Burke County banded together for the week to minister to local residents.
The Catawba River Baptist Association (CRBA), a network of 66 Burke County churches, organized the second annual Burke Changers missions camp June 6-8. The local camp started in 2021 to fill the void left when World Changers, a national faith-based missions camp, folded in 2020, in part due to economic hardships surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. World Changers had hosted mission camps in Burke County from 2016-19, bringing nearly 300 students from across the southeast to the area each summer.
To fill this void, CRBA leaders scrambled to hold a similar event in 2021 which drew 115 students. According to Robby Smith, director of missions for the association, the event this year has grown to include more churches, more students and two extra service projects.
To help organize the work, the association has once again enlisted the help of Foothills Service Project. Started in 1997, by the late R.L Icard, Foothills Service Project builds approximately 200 access ramps a year for Burke County residents over the age of 60, according to Executive Director Scotty Donnelly.

Donnelly and Project Coordinator Andrew Whisenant worked all last week contacting homeowners, measuring and organizing supplies to get ready for the groups.

“We’ve already picked out the projects and (Andrew) makes a rough drawing of it so we can make a materials list,” said Donnelly. “Then we go through and make detailed drawings of each project so the crew chiefs know exactly what they’re building.”

In addition to building access ramps, Smith said the groups also helped with yard work and painting and they spent time walking through neighborhoods praying for and offering to pray with residents.
“We’re praying for the people behind those doors,” Smith said. “We still believe prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have to help people.”
Smith said the goal for the week was to be a blessing to as many people as possible.

“We’re trying to be the best churches for the community,” Smith said. “We want to be a group of churches that want to help make our community better. That’s why we’re out, not only sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, but putting hands to those prayers. We’re trying to meet needs.”
Each evening, the missions camp concluded with a special event for students and community members. On Monday, the students enjoyed a night of skating and pizza. On Tuesday, students hosted five community block parties in different location throughout the county. According to Smith, the block parties were open to everyone in the community and featured inflatables, live music, free canvas tote bags and two bicycle giveaways at each of the following locations:

  • Mount Home Baptist Church, 2272 Mount Home Road, Morganton.
  • Fisher Mobile Home Park, 5125 Crawley Dale St., Morganton; hosted by Burkemont Baptist.
  • Walker Road Baptist Church, 100 Walker Road, Morganton.
  • Valdese Housing Authority, 1402 Lydia Ave., Valdese; hosted by East Valdese Baptist Church.
  • The Historic Courthouse Square in Morganton; hosted by Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church.
On Wednesday, El Bethel Baptist Church hosted a barbecue dinner and closing worship service giving the students and adult volunteers an opportunity to look back over the three days of ministry. Eddy Bunton, student ministries pastor for Burkemont Baptist Church and one of the event’s organizers, said people who received help and their neighbors were invited to join them on Wednesday.
“We’re celebrating something we call ‘Wow moments,’” Bunton said. “Every day, on their sites, students are going to be looking for what we call a ‘wow moment’ which is where we’ve watched God do something through our crew, in our neighborhood or on our project. It’s anything noteworthy we can give God credit for.”
This highlights one of the major reasons event organizers and participating churches said they wanted to stay in Burke County instead of taking mission trips to other communities.
“The whole idea is to get tools in students’ hands so they can learn how to serve and hopefully grow with that through their lives, and also give them an eye to not just go away to serve somewhere, but to realize that there are people in our own neighborhoods,” Bunton said.

He said a ministry like this also gives leaders an opportunity to include every student who is interested.
“When you do something locally, you’re not having to worry about housing or how you’re going to feed everyone,” he said. “Because it’s not a travel trip and it’s not a huge expense, it lowers that baseline so there’s no one excluded.”
Whisenant hopes the projects helped the students see that everyone has something they can offer.
“Sometimes students don’t know that they have a talent until somebody gives them a drill or a hammer to do something with it,” Whisenant said. “And they say, ‘wow, this is actually fun, I can do something to help.’”

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Mission Week June 5th - 8th 2022


Donation Amount

Schedule of Events
BurkeChangers Schedule:


6-8pm - Meet @ Burkemont - BC Information / Worship / Message / Invitation / Gospel Training / Divide into Crews / Prayer (Dismiss Crew Chiefs, Supervisors, and Runners / Crew Encouragers after introductions at worship time)

Worship Order:
6:00 - Welcome
6:05 - Worship Music
6:20 - Prayer -Student
6:22 - Week Schedule Overview /Dismiss Leaders to training
6:30 - Worship - Band
6:35 - Message / Invitation
7:05 - Evangelism Training for
7:20 - Future Events Promo /Prayer
Dismiss to meet with Crews: (Evangelism Practice / Prayer)


8:00 am - Meet @ CRBA for Instructions / Prayer & Send-off
Noonish - Lunch on site
3:00 pm - Leave Site
6-8 pm - Pavillion Skate & Pizza


8:00 am - Meet @ CRBA for Instructions / Prayer & Send-off
Noonish - Lunch on site
3:00 pm - Leave Site
3:30 pm - Dismiss for showers
6-8 pm - Block Parties @ Church Locations
BBC (Fisher Park)/Mt Home (Church)/ EVBC (Lydia Ave)/ Walker Rd. (Church)/ Pleasant Ridge (Morganton Town Square)


8:00 am - Meet @ CRBA for Instructions / Prayer & Send-off
Noonish - Lunch on site
1:00 pm - Leave Site
1:30pm - Meet @ Catawba Meadows Pavilions (Pelican SnowBall)
3:30 pm - Dismiss for showers
6-8 pm -Meet @ El Bethel for BBQ & Worship Celebration

Worship Order:
7:00 - Welcome / Recap video
7:05 - Worship
7:15 - Message: WOW Moments / Your Story for His Glory!
7:35 - Invitation
7:40 - Recognitions/ Family Bible Presentations
8:00 - Dismiss

Become a Partner Church

Please register your Church, Ministry, or Group as a BurkeChanger 2023 partner ASAP! DUE ASAP: $50 Non-refundable Group Registration Fee. This fee covers all administrative costs, so that we can keep the participant cost down to only $50 per person! You also need to register each participant & pay the $50 fee by JUNE 12th - PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION DEADLINE Make sure that you prior to the deadlines so that we can plan appropriately to accommodate everyone and to prepare for all of our worksites. Thank you! PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION: JUNE 12th Crew Chief Training & Job Assignments August 12th 8am - Noon

  • Date: 8/13/2023 06:00 PM - 8/16/2023 09:00 PM
  • Location: 1812 US Hwy 70 East, Morganton NC, 28655 (Map)
  • More Info: BURKE CHANGERS HEADQUARTERS @ Catawba River Baptist Association Office

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Ticket Type
Please register your Church, Ministry, or Group right away so that we can plan appropriately to accommodate everyone and to prepare for all of our worksites. Thank you!



The CRBA in partnership with Burke County Youth Ministries.

Burke Changers
August 13th-16th 2023

The CRBA (Catawba River Baptist Association) and BCYM Network (Burke County Youth Ministry) are partnering together with area Churches, Ministries, and Business partners to Change Burke County

Hands on mission service in Burke County.
Local CRBA & Burke County Youth Ministries and Adults (construction skills and unskilled adult help needed) Serving Burke county and making a difference one home at a Time.

The projected cost is ONLY: $50 per person!


About UsAbout Us
SAVE THE DATES:       Burke Changers   -      August 13th - 16th 2023
BurkeChangers 21 Praise report:

4 Salvations:
- Home Owner
- Block Party Attendee
- Two Participating Students

1 Called into Ministry

8 Handicap Ramps
1 Roof Repair / Porch Access
1 Painting Job
Tons of clean up projects
4 Community Block Parties
Lots of Gospel Conversations


An attitude of 'HOSPITALITY'
All for the 'GLORY' of God!

Dates set for 2023 - August 13th - 16th

Robby Smith

CRBA Missions Strategist

BurkeChangers Logistics Director

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Greg Klapp

CRBA Youth Team Leader

BurkeChangers Creative & Publicity Director

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Ashleigh Thompson

BurkeChangers Registration Coordinator

Sherrie Miller

BurkeChangers Assistant Director

Billy Bollinger

BurkeChangers Construction Crew Coordinator

Jonathan Puckett

BurkeChangers Assistant Project Coordinator

Eddy Bunton

Burke Changers Worship & Devotion Coordinator

Braxton Ervin

BurkeChangers Crew Encourager Coordinator

Van Buchanan

BurkeChangers Church Contact Coordinator

Cameron King

BurkeChangers T-Shirt Coordinator

Amy Dixon

BurkeChangers Church Meal Coordinator

Ken Gillen

BurkeChangers Church Asst. Meal Coordinator

Justin Cunningham

BurkeChangers Celebration Meal Coordinator

Rocky Hartman

Block Party Coordinator

  • Catawba River Baptist Association 1812 US Hwy 70 East Morganton NC, 28655

BurkeChangers Partner

Scotty Donnelly

FootHills Ex. Director

Andrew Whisnant

Project Coordinator



Mission Week June 5th - 8th 2022

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